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No Glue, No Mess

Due to the magnetic particles of the liquid eyeliner, putting the magnetic eyelashes would not to use glue, thus you can basically save yourself from the mess.

Unlike the traditional false eyelashes, our product allows you to enjoy wearing fuller, longer, and curlier eyelashes all day long!

Whether it's raining or humid, our Magnetic Eyeliner is guaranteed to last long without worrying about the smudges due to its waterproof feature.

No matter the circumstances, our Magnetic Eyelashes would not easily fall off your lashes given that it has five thin magnets that strongly hold onto the Magnetic Eyeliner.

In order to create and secure customers' seamless shopping experience, we offer 100% Money Back Guarantee!

The safety of the customers is always our priority, which is why we guarantee that our products are made from vegan materials and is approved by the FDA. Hence, a 100% SAFE and CRUELTY-FREE products are ensured!

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