"It’s loss which teaches us the worth of things."

‘Another cliche’ you thought. But if you happen to know someone with cancer, you will see the defeating battle one has to go through. Gradually, you will lose things to cancer--health, vigor, hope and even beauty. Once all the hair started to fall off, you will realize that it is indeed your crowning glory

Who Inspired Us?

Last year, it left us shaken when Evelyn, my childhood and family friend announced that she has breast cancer. What seemed to be a random lump near her armpit turned out to be something that will flip her life upside down. Like how she has always been, she remained positive and cheerful before her treatment started.  

Right after she finished her second chemotherapy, Evelyn’s hair started to fall. Every morning, there were balls of hair left on her pillow and when she tried to groom her brows, they fell. One day, in front of the mirror, she just blinked and two lashes fell instantaneously.  

Her health started to deteriorate along with her self-esteem. With her hair, it was an easy fix, we shaved her head and got her a beautiful wig. For her brows, microblading was heaven-sent. But with her lashes, the false eyelashes just doesn’t work, the glue irritates her lids and they droop. She needs something that has stronger hold for the lashes. 

Through word of mouth, we discovered magnetic liner and lashes but they didn't meet our standard. That’s when we started to innovate and started to ponder the future of The Venus Lash 

The Making

We consulted professionals and we came up with our own magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner. Comparable to the magnetic lashes in the market, we improved the quality of our magnetic lashes and magnetic eyeliner. Our revolutionary magnetic eyelashes with five (5) thin magnets ensures perfect fit. Our magnetic eyeliner contains ultra-fine magnetic particles that has strong adsorption properties. 

More Than Beauty…

One’s propensity for beauty may look ridiculous to others. Even yourself is guilty of questioning someone’s vanity. But what kind of world do we live in without aesthetics? We envision that even through simple products, we are able to make a difference in someone’s life; May it be through amplifying someone’s confidence amidst a nerve wracking job interview or making someone feel and look better while fighting for their life.