MagicPro™ Liner & Lashes Kit
MagicPro™ Liner & Lashes Kit
MagicPro™ Liner & Lashes Kit
MagicPro™ Liner & Lashes Kit
MagicPro™ Liner & Lashes Kit
MagicPro™ Liner & Lashes Kit
MagicPro™ Liner & Lashes Kit
MagicPro™ Liner & Lashes Kit
MagicPro™ Liner & Lashes Kit
MagicPro™ Liner & Lashes Kit
MagicPro™ Liner & Lashes Kit
MagicPro™ Liner & Lashes Kit
MagicPro™ Liner & Lashes Kit
MagicPro™ Liner & Lashes Kit
MagicPro™ Liner & Lashes Kit
MagicPro™ Liner & Lashes Kit
MagicPro™ Liner & Lashes Kit

MagicPro™ Liner & Lashes Kit

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No Messy Glue.

No Heavy Magnets.

Just swipe, lash and go!  

No eyeliner skill is needed.


The Venus Lash proudly presents to you MagicPro™ Liner & Lashes Kit, the latest lash solution without glue and magnets.



MagicPro™ Lash Adhesive Liner is the revolutionary new lash eyeliner

Created specifically with the latest Magic-Grip Technology, MagicPro™ Liner holds your lashes with its own adhesive strength, without magnets. 


This means stronger & longer hold, and lighter lashes!


Super Easy to Apply!

New formula and technology guarantee ultra-easy applications. 

The liner is silky and smooth, only takes a few seconds to apply. 

Just swipe, lash and go! 

Suitable for all eyeliner users - from beginner to expert. 


Water, wind, sweat, teardrops, weather-resistant.

24Hr-Strong Hold

With the help of our MagicPro™ Liner, your lashes stay on all day!

Available in two colors:

Clear: Supernatural “no eyeliner” look.

Black: Go bold in black to define your eyes.

  • Magic-Grip Technology 
  • Adhesive eyeliner technology for lashes without glue. 
  • No glue. No Mess.
  • Lightweight & Comfortable (No magnets!)
  • Strong Hold
  • Easy to Use
  • Smudge-proof
  • Long-Lasting Up to 24 Hrs
  • Wind & Weather Resistant
  • Water, Sweat, Teardrops Resistant
  • Multiple wears (45+ for MagicPro™ Liner, up to 30 for lashes)



Adding charm to your eyes with ultra-soft 3D MagicPro™ Eyelashes.

  • Ultra-Soft 3D Eyelashes
  • Suits all eye shapes
  • Made for 24-hour wear
  • Water & Wind Resistant 
  • Lightweight, flexible and reusable
  • Made of high-grade A fiber material
  • Trimmable ends to fit eye shape/size if needed
  • Multiple wears (Up to 30 for lashes)
  • Vegan & cruelty-free
  • Painless removal
  • Toxin-free, low-allergenic, latex-free, damage-your-natural-lashes-free
  • PETA approved

Create your glamorous look from soft to dramatic, for daily use, party, or night out.



Activate the MagicPro™ Liner prior first use.

  1. Gently shake the magic liner before use.

  2. Press the button on the top of the eyeliner until it clicks.

  3. Put the eyeliner down for 5 - 10mins until the liquid totally penetrates the tip.

  4. VIOLA! The magic liner is ready to use!


Flawless Lash in 3 Steps!

Step 1: Glide. Shake the MagicPro™ Liner gently before use. Glide the liner along your lash line and let it dry.

Step 2: Lash. Measure & trim your fake lashes as needed. Apply the MagicPro™ Lashes using an applicator or your fingers on the line that you drew. Press the lashes on the line a little bit.

Step 3: Magic! Just like magic, lashes stick right away so you’re ready to go! Easily re-adjust to your liking.



  1. Let the oil-free eye makeup remover stay on the eyelids for 1-2 minutes, then take off the fake lashes gently. 

  2. Take off any remaining makeup residue on your eyelid with a cotton swab.

  3. Properly store the lashes in a carrying case for future use.



MagicPro™ Liner & Lashes Kit available in 3 different options:

3 Pairs Set
1 x MagicPro™ Lash Adhesive Liner (Black)
3 x Pair MagicPro™ Eyelashes
1 x Eyelash Holder (Tweezer)

6 Pairs Set
1 x MagicPro™ Lash Adhesive Liner (Black)
1 x MagicPro™ Lash Adhesive Liner (Clear)
6 x Pair MagicPro™ Eyelashes 
1 x Eyelash Holder (Tweezer)

10 Pairs Set(MOST POPULAR)
1 x MagicPro™ Lash Adhesive Liner (Black)
1 x MagicPro™ Lash Adhesive Liner (Clear)
10 x Pair MagicPro™ Eyelashes 
1 x Eyelash Holder (Tweezer)



1)How do I remove it?

Step 1: Gently pull off your lashes (no more pain and damage to your natural lashes!) Put your lashes back in their case for the next use.

Step 2: Magic Liner can be easily removed with any eye-makeup remover (micellar water and baby oil work well).  Soak the cotton rounds with your preferred eye-makeup remover, press it gently over your eyelid, and wipe gently.

Step 3: To properly care for your lashes, we recommend cleaning any buildup on your lash band every 5 or so times you wear them. Gently wiping the lash band using a cotton bud soaked in makeup remover should be enough. Doing so allows you to get as much as 30+ uses out of your lashes.

2)What’s the difference between Magic Liner and Magnetic Eyeliner?

Magic Liner offers stronger and longer hold that doesn’t involve messy glue residue and heavy magnets. This means you get to enjoy beautiful lashes all day comfortably without the worry of cleanup later.  

3)How much do I need to apply for it to work?

You only need to draw a line as thin as your lash band for the lashes to stick and hold all day. But if you’re going for a bolder look with thicker line or big wing, there are two ways to achieve that:

  •       You can use your favorite liquid eyeliner first before applying the Magic Liner on top to bond the lashes.
  •       You can also use the Magic Liner to create the look you want. Apply the lashes and then dust some translucent powder over the rest of the exposed Magic Liner to keep anything from sticking to it. 

4)Is Magic Liner safe to use around the eyes?

Yes! The Venus Lash MagicPro™ Lash Adhesive Liner is dermatologically tested to be safe to use around the eyes. It is also toxin-free, low-allergenic, latex-free, and sulfate-free. So, it is suitable for those who have sensitive eyes. Our Magic Liner can be used daily in conjunction with our Lashes Collection and is the perfect alternative to damaging extensions or mascara.

5)What are the ingredients for Magic Liner?

Water, Styrene/acrylates copolymer, polyvinyl pyrrolidone, propylene glycol, hydroxyethyl cellulose, iron oxide, tocopherol, propylparaben, sodium benzoate, caprylyl glycol.

5)What is Magic-Grip Technology?

Magic-Grip Technology is not glue or magnet. It’s the latest innovation in eyelash adhesives that looks like a typical eyeliner when applied but works like a strong adhesive once in contact with The Venus Lash MagicPro™ Eyelashes

6)How long will my lashes last?

With proper care and storage, our Lashes Collection should last up to 30+ uses. The Magic Liner has up to 40 applications.



  • Please be advised that eyelashes can only be worn once the eyeliner is completely dry.

  • Store the eyelashes when not in use.

  • Remove the eyelashes off before washing your face, showering, and sleeping.

  • The color of the product shown in the pictures may slightly vary from the actual item due to the differences in the monitor and light effect.

  • Please allow slight measuring deviation due to manual measurement.



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If you bought it and felt that it is not for you, don't worry. Just shoot us a message at and we will make it right by offering you a replacement or refund.