TummySafe™ Pregnancy Seat Belt

Been Saving Lives For Years

Approximately 3, 000 pregnancies are lost due to car crashes every year. Mothers shouldn’t be torn between choosing comfort and the safety of their unborn child. TummySafe™ Pregnancy Seat Belt is specifically designed to secure the safety of both the mother and her unborn child(ren).

Depending on the severity of the accident, here are some of the most common car accident injuries experienced by pregnant women include: 

Placental abruption 

Maternal shock 

Fetal trauma 

Premature birth. 

MiscarriageWhiplashIn addition to being dangerous for mothers, car accidents also present severe risks to unborn babies. These risks can include: 

Congenital disabilities 



Can Tummysafe™ Pregnancy Seat Belt Keep 

The Mum And Baby Safe?

This innovative product made from high-quality and durable nylon material is designed to reduce the risk of putting pressure on the belly caused by a sudden break or road accident.